Connect Through Social Media

Social media collectively makes up New Media 2.0 tools that allow online publishing and live interaction with folks in various ways. Prior to implementing social media tactics, develop a strategy based on customer research and measurable goals and objectives. Small businesses who implement these tools without a plan will fail. Think…research, objective, strategy, THEN tactics. Below are seven strategies that will help you join the social phenomenon.

  1. Blog(weblog)is a web site of diary-type commentary that links to articles or other resources on the Web. The most comprehensive directory of blogs can be found at Technorati. Create your own blog for free at WordPress or Blogger.
  2. Micro-Blogging is a short-form version of a blog post that is limited in length and format. Popular examples of micro-blogging are Twitter and FriendFeed.
  3. Multi-Media allow you to share rich media such as video, images and presentations online. Examples includes: YouTube, Flickr and SlideShare.
  4. Social Bookmarking is a central location for posting links to valuable resources for users to share with others. Post your resourceful links at Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious.
  5. Social Networking sites allow you to create a profile and interact with others. Sites enjoying this social phenomenon are Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace.
  6. Reviews and Opinions are a way for customers to share online opinions and reviews of products and services. To get started, go to Epinions, Yahoo and eHow.
  7. Wikis allows group collaboration of public and private information in a central repository. An example of each repository is: 1) public Wikipedia and 2) private Wikia.

Coaching Exercise

Which sites do your prospect customers visit most?


  • Build a social media strategy for your business.
  • Engage your customers through social media.
  • Experiment with social media tools by analyzing the numbers and making adjustments as needed.

Remember, keep testing and making adjustments, social media is an evolving and moving phenomenon.

Online Marketing Tips Using Social Media Tools

If you haven’t heard about social media, it is another form of information dissemination and source of entertainment and is more commonly used as a way to promote certain products, places, events and even people. With these tools now available for use, it is no wonder that there are many online marketing tips in Ireland that use social media as a main strategy in promotion and marketing.

If you want to be effective in online marketing for your site or your business in Ireland, then you might as well read these tips:

Tip 1 – Join social networking sites. These websites like the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, can help you gain friends and potential people who will buy your products. Moreover, if you are promoting a website, gaining these friends will give you a direct market and a platform to speak to them simultaneously.

Tip 2 – Upload videos on YouTube. If people used to rely on television commercials to inform them what’s hot and what’s not, then these days, it is all about uploading your own videos through websites like YouTube.

Tip 3 – Blog about anything under the son. A blog or a weblog as it was previously called, is an online journal that is now being used even by business owners who are trying market their ideas. Join the bandwagon now and start blogging.

Social media are great tools for success if you are starting with the basic online marketing tips in Ireland. It is impossible for you to miss this opportunity and succeed online at the same time, so utilize these tools now and make money online.