Social Media – New Marketing Opportunities

Developing new media systems for well-established media companies will include creating a new social media presence whilst also maintaining traditional practices. This is especially true for online newspaper editions that will be refreshed significantly more often than the morning and afternoon edition, in addition to print magazines which are updated more frequently than one time weekly. In addition, network television broadcasting stations are now posting their programs – although often with shorter and different advertising on certain websites.

When it comes to marketing strategies for creating social media presence on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, there is really no singular new media solution. This is because incorporating or moving towards new media in most cases will involve many different technologies, skills and techniques. As an example, for a retailer who would like to expand his or her business online this move might require the posting of logos and branding utilized in print documents to the digital format; the creation of a online business website: a domain name; developing a company weblog as well as the approach to use Twitter and Facebook; development of online marketing campaigns and also possibly inclusions of videos to be published on YouTube.

These days, most people are taking advantage of the opportunities to boost their business on these networks including online communities like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, because this is one of the most popular ways to carry out social media marketing. One of the main advantages of using these social media sites is that you will have an opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

Media marketers can also make use of social bookmarking websites, blogs, forums and rating or review websites. Additionally, this type of media promotion could be carried out through virtual 3D networks, news aggregators and social media sharing websites which allow users to swap music, videos and photographs.