SOCIAL MEDIA: The Power in Life

May I have your Facebook Account? nearly replaces the May I have your Mobile Number? phrase used by newly acquainted persons. It is more convenient for the computer-savvy to communicate through social media. Rise of social media giant like Facebook was spawned from greater needs for communication. Twitter caters for those thought bubbles which is too short for weblogs but can fit in 140 characters. YouTube allows video sharing convenience for everyone.

Just like anything else, these social media have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some points to ponder on the potency of social media.

The good powers:

1. For these recent years, social media have been used as a powerful tool in effective advertising. With these channels advertisers can expand the coverage of their reach through internet-savvy customers from all walks of life.

2. Marketers get better exposure for their merchandise. They can showcase their product lines with just one click of a button. Link-sharing through these social media is the new spread the word strategy.

3. Better awareness for the public is achieved with the help of social media. It is now easy to share informative items and get public opinion on almost anything. People now have a voice. Social media users can make themselves heard.

4. With the advent of communication tools like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and other communication platforms, staying in touch is more cost-effective.

5. People can now gain new friends with just one click or a few encoding of characters there.

The bad powers:

1. Bullying has always been a serious problem in real life. With the help of a computer, the effects of bullying can multiply a hundred fold. It is much easier now to post and share a photo or video using YouTube, Facebook or Twitter to taunt and humiliate a person. Cyber bullying can result to teen suicides.

2. Facebook, have replaced the living’s social life. Some bad feelings were born when your significant other failed to change his relationship status. Or your friends may get that cold shoulder because you failed to like or comment on their post. Or you may feel bad about a person because your real life friend declined a Facebook friend request from you. Sometimes it amounts to damaged relationships.

3. More and more people are being encouraged to live inside the computer, the internet to be specific. Junkies tend to confuse online life with reality. Success in social media discourages people to make real friends outside the four corners of their computers. Why invest on social skills when you can clearly substitute it with computer skills? Why watch TV with your family when you can watch it through YouTube by yourself in your computer? Why play outside when you can play online games with your friends? Why write meaningful essays when you can write in 140 characters?

The power can be a very potent weapon, to build or to destroy. Great power comes with an even greater responsibility. By carefully analysing and weighing down the gravity of the things we share with the public, we can all use this tool to everybody’s advantage.