Social Media Marketing’s Silent Features

The power of the World Wide Web is absolutely phenomenal. A person can easily reach out to the other side of the globe with just one touch. Everything is almost at the tip of our fingertips. As a result, even small enterprises use web-based technologies as a marketing tool, through the integration of New Media. It can access an extensive number of prospective consumers in a very inexpensive manner. What is more, Social Media advertising can be in multimedia format in which the usual communication transforms into an interactive trade dialogue between the company and client.

Statistically speaking, 28.7% of the world population in year 2010 is using the World Wide Web. It grew a staggering 444.8% from the year 2000 to 2010. This evidently proves that the internet extends to a vast network of possible consumers.

In contrast to print, radio and television or film advertising which generally require significant resources to publish information; SMM efficiently costs less than those of conventional marketing strategies. There are several Social Media forms; this includes Internet forums, micro blogging, social blogs, weblogs, wikis, video, pictures, social bookmarking and podcasts. The best part of it all, these Social Media forms neither have membership fees nor sign up fees.

Unlike newspapers that only provide print and still images; radio ads that only provide audio; television commercials that make use of animation, video and audio; Social Media marketing makes use of interactive content forms that makes it more attractive to possible client.

Though conventional businesses may be cynical about this new trend of marketing, rest assured that may it be selling, promoting or just introducing a product; SMM can spark interest, influence, guarantee and even take advantage of potential consumers. After all, business is all about minimizing the cost and maximizing the profit!