Using Social Media Marketing Can Save You Time and Money

In our current economic climate it is all too important for businesses to really find ways to leverage a multitude of different mediums to “spread the word” about their products and/or services. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of social media marketing. In this article we will discuss some of the best ways to use it to save you both time and money when marketing your business.

Social media marketing which could also be called social network marketing is in its infancy. There so many ways to implement this type of marketing into your current strategy that it can sometimes become confusing. My experience has taught me that when people become confused or overwhelmed by a topic, they typically choose to avoid it. I don’t suggest you do that. So let’s discuss the minimum ways that you can use the social media marketing platform to help you stamp out a solid place in the socialsphere (not really a word, but it sounded good!).:)

One of the absolute minimums you should have to really compete in the social media marketing arena, would have to be through the use of a weblog also commonly referred to as a “blog”. Blogs have been around for a long time. They started as simple sounding boards for anyone with an opinion. They are now used as a primary way to disseminate information on the internet today! Blogs or blogging is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your search engine position, position yourself as an expert in your industry and also to gain the trust of your website visitors. One of the most popular platforms used for blogging is called WordPress. It is extremely easy to install and/or use. Best of all, the major search engines all love WordPress. All of these benefit help to save you money and time because you don’t have to devote as much of your marketing budget to buying traffic to your site, instead you can get free traffic through the search engines.

Another minimum for any business is the use of any of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and etc. My personal favorite is Facebook. This is only because of the ability to really increase brand awareness through the use of Fan Pages. The ability to directly interact with customers, clients or possible clients is invaluable. The internet is still not wholly accepted or trusted by a lot of people. This is because of the anonymity that is present. Anyone can buy a domain name, build a website and do business online. The whole time, they can remain nameless and faceless. So the interaction that is afforded by using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others, is a huge advantage to those who choose to embrace it. Social media marketing is all about conversations. And using these networks is the best way to start and continue the conversations.

Social media marketing is a viable solution to any business that is looking at leveraging the power of conversation to help spread the word about their products/services. Blogging and the use of the more popular social networks can really be the easiest way to gain the trust of your potential customers. Once you have that trust, you won’t have to work as hard to gain new customers because you will keep the ones you already have and they will be sending you new customers, thus saving you time and money!

Social Media Marketing and Social Authority

Though it is new in the industry, social media marketing has taken on some new challenges. This type of marketing effort becomes efficient if it is build around the grounds of social authority. Marketers should come up with new and more ways on how they can convince the audience of their genuine intentions, knowledge and expertise in their field. One way of doing this is to provide them with valuable and accurate information about the products and services. Trustworthiness and reliability are two of the things that buyers give importance on. With the ongoing crisis, people tend to value their money more.

Social authority can be created through the use of social media tools. Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo are some of the media platforms that businesses use to promote their products. Publishing a company’s business content through the use of the internet is one way to influence the target market. However, consumers prefer companies that are referred by someone they trust. Their buying decisions are either directly or indirectly influenced by social media marketers. It depends on how credible the advertisement is. That’s why it is an imperative that businesses come up with a purposeful and carefully planned marketing strategy. This will make the promotion effective and companies will be able to build the authority that they need.

There are a lot of social media forms available today. Some of the most popular ones are internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, wikis, microblogging and social bookmarking. The application of theories from the field of media research and social processes resulted in the creation of six types of social media. This classification was determined by Kaplan and Haenlein in an article published this year. The six types are collaborative projects, blog and microblogs, content communities, social networking web sites, virtual worlds and virtual communities. With the help of these tools, businesses can plot out a marketing plan that is both creative and trustworthy. Social media marketing, no matter how innovative and convenient it may be, needs social authority to be able to maintain and improve its customer base.

Social Media – New Marketing Opportunities

Developing new media systems for well-established media companies will include creating a new social media presence whilst also maintaining traditional practices. This is especially true for online newspaper editions that will be refreshed significantly more often than the morning and afternoon edition, in addition to print magazines which are updated more frequently than one time weekly. In addition, network television broadcasting stations are now posting their programs – although often with shorter and different advertising on certain websites.

When it comes to marketing strategies for creating social media presence on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, there is really no singular new media solution. This is because incorporating or moving towards new media in most cases will involve many different technologies, skills and techniques. As an example, for a retailer who would like to expand his or her business online this move might require the posting of logos and branding utilized in print documents to the digital format; the creation of a online business website: a domain name; developing a company weblog as well as the approach to use Twitter and Facebook; development of online marketing campaigns and also possibly inclusions of videos to be published on YouTube.

These days, most people are taking advantage of the opportunities to boost their business on these networks including online communities like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, because this is one of the most popular ways to carry out social media marketing. One of the main advantages of using these social media sites is that you will have an opportunity to reach a much larger audience.

Media marketers can also make use of social bookmarking websites, blogs, forums and rating or review websites. Additionally, this type of media promotion could be carried out through virtual 3D networks, news aggregators and social media sharing websites which allow users to swap music, videos and photographs.