How to write content for my website? (Part2)

Here are a few to consider continued (part1…

6) Do not use images to replace text. They take longer to load, they really don’t look much better, blind people can’t read it and that text will no longer be searchable by the search engines.

7) Only underline links and make sure you have actual links underlined if the link is included in a paragraph of text. If you underline text to emphasize something but it is not an actual link, your readers will almost certainly be confused. The same goes for links that are not underlined. People may miss out on valuable information because they have no idea that the text leads to something more detailed or interesting.

8) Structure your text. Make use of bold headings, short paragraphs, bullet lists and tables if the information requires it. To better organize your thoughts, divide your article into sub-headings. Sub-headings make things easier to digest. Instead of tackling the entire article at once, try writing one paragraph at a time.

9) Use words in your content that people will search for. Search engines consider headings, page titles, bold and linked text to be more important and relevant and the precise wording of these sections of your content are extremely important.

10) Create a lot of links and use relevant keyword phrases as the link text. Ask other sites with similar content to link to your site and most important, tell them the text to use in the link.

11) Make good use of white space and allow your content to breathe. Don’t allow text to butt up against graphic elements on your site or photographs, etc. Don’t place too much emphasis on your navigation elements if content is important to your site. Allow users to easily read your message in a clean, uncluttered and — in the case of blinking text — non-irritating environment.

10) Write your own content. Use only content (pictures, text, videos …) made by you or with explicit permission, everything else probably infringes someone’s copyright.

Time Warner Cable Road Runner

High speed internet was an amazing thing to see in 1995 when Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner service debuted to the public. At that time, the internet was a slow affair for many people who had to struggle through using the new invention with modems that downloaded at 14.4 kilobits per second. Nowadays, thanks to Time Warner Cable Road Runner’s service, people can now download at 15 megabits per second, or 15,000 kilobits per second.

When Did It Come About?

The service, as has been mentioned, came about in 1995 when Time Warner Cable introduced the service to the public. However, at the time it was not known as Time Warner Cable Road Runner, but Southern Tier On-line Community, and then LineRunner, before the name was eventually changed and the character of the Road Runner was officially adopted as a mascot.

What is Offered?

The Time Warner Cable Road Runner service offers high speed internet to anyone with a cable line running to their home. Through the service, they can experience speeds as high as 15 megabits per second in download and one megabit per second in upload, which is a truly fast service. To put it in perspective, to download a 10 megabyte file at 10 megabits per second, it will take 48 seconds. However, to do the same on an old 14.4 kilobits per second modem, it will take nine hours, 15 minutes and 33 seconds. That is a big difference in speed and time. It is no wonder that the age of music download came only a few years after Time Warner introduced its Road Runner service to the public.


The Time Warner Cable Road Runner service is something that was revolutionary in 1995 and changed the way the internet was used for millions of people. Currently, with over seven million users, Road Runner is an incredibly popular way to surf the internet. Users can now download quickly, with little packet lost and enjoy some of the best high speed internet service in the country.

Sadly, it is only the United States that can benefit from the Time Warner Cable Road Runner service, as it was once offered in Newfoundland but is no longer offered there anymore.

If you are looking for a high speed internet service that is quick, easy to use and something that will make your internet experience a joy, then visit the Time Warner Cable Road Runner website today and find out how you can jump into the internet revolution.

Get the Biggest Bang For Your Buck With Satellite TV

It is difficult for many people to visualize that there was a day when there was only three channels to choose from. This came from an era when Americans simply did not spend as much time watching TV. People in this country had more active lifestyles. The general public got out more. Peoples lives did not center on what shows happened to be on.

Most Americans were pretty much happy with the available options they currently had. They didn’t feel that they had to bellyache about or compare and contrast the channels that they were receiving. Viewers simply either watched channel 3, 10 or 13. Sure, they did have favorite channels but they didn’t get all that saddened if nothing all that great was currently being broadcast. The faithful people merely watched whatever TV programs happened to be on.

As the years flew by, additional viewing options came to exist. The general public eventually began complaining about there not being enough choices for their programming. The situation grew and evolved to a point where Americans began to demand more options. They could even enjoy full featured movies with the invent of cable television.

When cable TV was introduced, American viewers were offered programming that could give the US citizens nearly one hundred stations to view. In some US locations one might even have the ability to receive even more than one hundred channels. Now that there was a much greater variety of stations for subscribers to choose between, they basically just wanted more choices.

Satellite TV was introduced to middle America around 1980, the industry engineered a certain quantity of friendly competition to the cable operators. The budding need for home entertainment was at long last being met and welcomed. Now people could recieve their broadcast television programs or choose a cable television package or side with the great number of stations that are available through satellite TV operators.

The early 1990’s brought on some more merriment when high definition systems and broadcasts were introduced to the general public. It should be mentioned that most of these new technological creations do come with a higher price. It does cost money to be able to get cable or satellite TV reception and even more if you happen to want to make use of the latest advances in technology such as high def or digital video recorders.

Those who definitely want to fully take advantage of their satellite TV services are often quite willing to have to pay the extra fees that will be necessary. If you have ever experienced HD then you most likely had a challenging time retreating to the normal resolution for television screens. Those people who have had the delight of using a digital video recorder have declared that they cannot fathom how they existed without having one.

It is not only the remarkable technology that makes satellite TV systems so pleasing. Simply have a look at the sheer number of quality stations that are available to you. These days people have the ability to sign up for a multitude of movie channels including The Movie Channel, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and other associated stations. Sports fanatics have more than they can handle with the endless supply of choices that have become available to them. Customers can even get many digital music stations and have them piped right into your living room.

One of the outstanding aspects of satellite TV is the reality that it is such a super deal for what you actually get. Presently, the package costs are getting more and more cheap. The Dish Network and DIRECTV services compete with each other and also with the cable TV operators. Each company wants their slice of the digital entertainment pie but the only way to do that goal is to offer a more desirable service and a more attractive deal. These pricing conflicts are merely one of the reasons why satellite TV is such a remarkable deal.

If you really wish to take pleasure in your satellite TV service then you need to buy a 46 inch flat panel television set along with a first-rate DVR. You’ll want to choose a DVR which offers you a great deal of recording storage so that you can record your list of favorite TV programs and be able to watch them at any time you choose to, commercial free. Naturally, since you have this magnificent entertainment equipment, you will feel the need to sign up for the service that enables you to take complete advantage of your equipment.

You should sign up for a high definition satellite TV package and sign up for the DVR service as well. You should choose a package of stations that includes all of your favorite stations. Go ahead and subscribe to a premium channel. Use the ‘on demand’ features so you will have the ability to enjoy tuning into almost any channel you want, at any time you desire. Go ahead and live it up! For a couple of dollars per day you will be able to have all the entertainment you desire.