How The Internet Business Can Make Money With The Social Media Sites

Understanding the big picture, the business concept, of the social media sites is crucial, because it gives you the idea how to utilize them for your internet business. What is their driving force?

1.What Is A Social Media Site?

As we see, the term is built of two words: media, which means advertising distribution channel and social, which means a group of same thinkers inside some bigger group of people. It also means the interaction between the group members. Both parts are very useful for the internet business marketing and actually belong to its basic vocabulary.

So social media means communication place, which is established for people, who has the same interest or hobby, where they can change ideas and share benefits. If you think your own internet business this sounds just great!

Wikipedia puts it in this way:

“Social Media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism to a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers.”

It is important that social media uses the crowds and their own will to connect information in a manner they want. So the social media sites are voluntary and extremely interactice, which gives lots of benefits for their members in the form of internet business forums, message boards, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and videos. Funny thing is that social media sites are driven by users, they make the content.

2.How To Grab Attention In The Social Media Sites?

When people participate in the social media, they act in interest groups, which is natural. In the internet business marketing this is called segmentation. If an internet business marketer wants to grab attention on the site, he has to stand out from the crowd. The requirement to be different is the same than in other mediums.

Social media sites are like open markets, where you as one participant build your own brand, your own expertise, which attracts some of the group of the same thinkers and a part of these interested people want to visit your website. In a way the question is about pre selling job, but never about advertising.

If the social media site has exactly the same content or idea than your internet business site has, then it can be a lead producer for your website directly or your website can even be able to sell the products to the visitors. In case of the leads, it gives your internet business site a great opportunity to approach them later with several emails or newsletters.

The competition in the social media sites requires that you need the AIDA process: attention, interest, desire and action. It is a process which needs planning, because the sites are full of personal messages. The most important thing is your promise: what is so useful in your offer?

The social media sites offer a great place to build your own brand, which is a multistep process. It is all about information, about influences and about feelings towards different actors. Social media marketing also involves the process of promoting and spreading ideas among targeted internet business audiences. Social media marketing can also be used as a calculated tactic to nurture feelings or goodwill towards a specific website or internet business.

Social media marketing is a strategic and methodical process to establish your influence, reputation and brand within communities of potential customers, readers or supporters.

Going Viral – Social Media Epidemics

If pursuing alternative marketing techniques holds any interest for you, you will doubtless already know of campaigns or products that seemingly ‘went viral’ entirely on their own. Hotmail, Apple and, lately, Old Spice are prime examples, each of them representing a giant, gleaming marketer’s dream. The question, though, is how did they do it? So we’re going to look beyond the usual media coverage and examine the principles behind these success stories.

To do that, we need to get a little scientific.

A viral marketing campaign is so called because it spreads… and spreads… and spreads… In the biological world, viruses spread thanks to things called fomites. You don’t need to remember the word, but you do need to know that a fomite is, as any medical dictionary will tell you, ‘an inanimate object or substance, such as clothing, furniture or soap, that is capable of transmitting organisms from one individual to another’. It’s the agent in other words – the transmitter through which a virus moves from person to person, city to city, even continent to continent.

In medicine, for a virus to take hold and become an epidemic, the reproduction rate of the pathogen responsible for the virus has to be bigger than one. The graph below shows why. As you can see, reproduction rates of one or less (the blue and red lines) lead to little or moderate growth, which could be easily countered by other factors (vaccination, for example). Reproduction rates above one (the green line) are therefore critical to the success of an epidemic spread.

The same applies in the marketing arena. As marketers, our goal is to ‘infect’ as many people as possible with information in the form of messages, ideas or products. Do that properly and we create an epidemic. The trick, in social media terms, is to create that epidemic not via traditional advertising but through interpersonal relations. Here, the reproduction rate is influenced by many different factors:

• The transmission environment – Just as a biological disease adapts and flourishes due to the environment in which it is transmitted, so the ‘social virus’ or marketing concept relies on its environment. The relatively new online space and the interaction now offered by social networking sites and Web 2.0 mean that the parameters have changed – greatly increasing the opportunities for the virus to spread.

• The transmission path – In contrast to traditional advertising, most information being exchanged in this new environment is interpersonal or ‘buzz’. This means C-2-C (effectively consumer-to-consumer) instead of B-2-C. If we compare this to the behaviour of a biological virus, we can see that the social marketing epidemic becomes far more ‘contagious’ when the volume of ‘infected people’ grows.

• The transmitter – Remember those fomites – the inanimate agents that cause a biological virus to spread? They’re here in the marketing world, too, and they are just as crucial. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Cyworld, Internet forums, email, weblogs, social blogs, wikis, podcasts, microblogging, vlogs, wall-postings, instant messaging, crowdsourcing… these are all fomites in the social marketing world. Because social epidemics exclude traditional mass media communication, they depend on choosing the right people and places in which to seed the message. The change-over to PR is fluent. The limitless reach of the Internet gives everybody a potentially big voice when it comes to opinion formation.

• The transmission object: Getting a certain reaction from your target market requires the creation of a trigger. That trigger can either be a product (Apple), an engaging piece of information (think here about the multimedia aspect of the wildly successful new Old Spice campaign) or in the case of Hotmail, the power of net effects.


So for a message to successfully ‘go viral’ and become a virtual epidemic, it:

• requires a fertile environment where the idea can grow;
• needs to find the path of least resistance and highest contagion;
• must be planted with the right people and channels; and, most importantly…
• be genuinely worthy of generating mass social interest leading to mass social infection.

It’s basic biology!

Embark on Improving Your Online Enterprise by Using Social Media Marketing Approaches

The millions of people on social networking websites is what social media marketing is targeted at. These websites consist of social networks, weblogs, as well as video clip streaming sites– sites that share media as well as entice visitors to easily connect with one another. This is communication at its finest, and there are ways people could further strengthen the experience.

By definition, communication is the procedure of transmitting info from one speaker to at least one receiver who sends feedback. Individuals at times neglect the last part, the feedback stage, after which the receiver may pass on the data. The complete communication cycle is just what social media marketing does best. There are several manners to attain this.

Take into account, for instance, blogs that consist of posts that are similar to open letters. Previously referred to as web logs, blogs are commonly online diaries where individuals may express their thoughts and feelings to anyone happy to pay attention. This element persists in some blog sites, although there are now much more innovative blogs made to advertise company sites and present additional info. Blog sites are also successful venues for artistic people to promote works they may not necessarily have to sell and show their ideas.

Video logging or vlogging is blogging in video clip form. This audiovisual technique is perfect for companies that promote tangible goods as well as solutions. Vehicle repair and supply outlets, for instance, might show recommendations relating to vehicle care and ask viewers to visit their outlets for services. Medical clinics that give state-of-the-art operations could stream audiovisual demonstrations that demonstrate how these work.

These kinds may be incorporated in social networking as an extensive social media service. Social networking is the development of an online society among a group of individuals that are associated somehow. It occurs when people get together online and communicate with one another via an online platform.

In virtually any situation, businesses require a social media service that enables flexible means of communication. For instance, people may “comment” on a post and make their responses and evaluations understood. Comment buttons can let the business ascertain precisely how many people agree or disagree on a specific matter. Meanwhile, private messaging makes it easy for the facilitation of private discussions and assures message threads are restricted to particular people.

Some social media services incorporate additional interactive subject matter like surveys. These permit social media online marketers to make social media marketing methods a lot more substantial and intriguing. Ultimately, if effective communication is the objective, then respect and consideration are bridges to that target. For even more data, go to